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a young artist who likes making art, coding, and cute stuff! I have tons of projects and tons of profiles so stay tuned
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bliss-net 💻 408 days ago

Okay, I'm just going to use photopea for my art and graphics until photoshop sorts itself out...

bliss-net 💤 409 days ago

I had to take a nap because I had some gnarly body aches, I feel okay now but Imma take some medicine tho...

bliss-net 😡 409 days ago

I updated my photoshop and now it goes EVEN SLOWER, I hate adobe..

bliss-net 🙂 409 days ago

is the activity page on Neocities acting funny for anyone else? I cant see the globa activity page, but I can see some activity on somesites

bliss-net 💡 414 days ago

today I learned how to make an moving bg in after effects, yeet!

bliss-net 🙂 414 days ago

I was going to be rude to adobe and say "f!@$ it" but since I'm here, it's opened, might as well my a moving bg in After effects..

bliss-net 💻 414 days ago

Okay, so my adobe updated, I really HOPE that it wouldnt run in the bg all the time but that's really gonna put a cramp in my steam games

bliss-net 💻 414 days ago

updating my adobe suite and everything is going chunky slow, and the bar is stuck at 69 oof..

bliss-net 🍱 418 days ago

Oh well,I guess all I can do now is eat some ramen (or SOMETHING), and maybe play some stray later (since I FINALLY have the freetime now)

bliss-net 🙂 418 days ago

I swear it feels like I always get pulled away from the pc JUST before I plan starting on big project, once I come back I kind of lose inspo

bliss-net 💡 427 days ago

after browsing a few cool site, I want to add some more cool stuff to my site, too! I may redo my web travels page (again!) lol

bliss-net 🤔 434 days ago

Sometimes, I dont know what to add to my site, it feels like it has a lot and at the time time so little, but I want to add more to it

bliss-net 🙂 435 days ago

So the longplay of the ttrpg solo game I talked about turned into a quickplay, I might come back to it later tho. Still it was pretty good

bliss-net 📖 438 days ago

I'm still working on the redo of the writing section of my stay tuned. Also, I recently got into solo ttrpgs

bliss-net 📖 439 days ago

I gonna try to update the Cubbyhole section of the site, it may have fewer stories but I really want to focus on making my writing good!

bliss-net 📖 484 days ago

I've FINALLY started to write some stuff! HUZZAH!

bliss-net 😎 486 days ago

Came back from the Top Gun movie it was pretty swaggy!

bliss-net 📰 486 days ago

Gonna see Top Gun and maybe I'll post my first web travels post...stay tuned

bliss-net ✨ 490 days ago

Okay, I set up the status update widget on my site, yee yee!😁💯🔥👌

bliss-net ❤️ 490 days ago

ehh..this theme looks good...for now I can vibe with it

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