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a young artist who likes making art, coding, and cute stuff! I have tons of projects and tons of profiles so stay tuned
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bliss-net 🙂 30 days ago

Added A new game to the games section of my site, Cutie Critter Picnic! Check it out!

bliss-net 🙂 32 days ago

Been playing BG3, likin' in so far. trying not to simp for the ""pale elf"" (if you know, you know) lol. My elf's heart is owned by ShadowH.

bliss-net ✨ 40 days ago

Updated the toybox section of my site, started my own pixel clubs too! Be sure to check it if ur interested!

bliss-net 💡 76 days ago

Okay, YO! I finally got an idea for the 32 bit cafe week-long web jam!oh boy, that was a

bliss-net ✨ 85 days ago

Joining cliques has really gotten me to back in pixel art, which is a plus!

bliss-net 🙂 92 days ago

Okay! I just update my Photoshop and it seemed to fix the issue (at least for now!)

bliss-net 🙂 92 days ago

So photoshop just oof'ed on me! I might have to learn how to use krita! OOF! and Art Fight is in 4 hours!

bliss-net ✨ 125 days ago

That feeling you see your youtube fav on NEOCITIES! LIKE YOOOO!

bliss-net ✏️ 138 days ago

YOOOOO! I'm ALMOST DONE with this new gallery code, I just WISH the modal would trigger when the img is selected, OOF!

bliss-net 🤔 150 days ago

I woke up with a bad headache, but im okay I'm still working on the site, lol. BTW did the font type of youtube change or am I just trippin'

bliss-net 💡 157 days ago

Still working on my site, just IRL stuff got in the way, thanks for FLAMED again for the help with the gallery coding!

bliss-net 💻 167 days ago

Currently focused on re-doing my art gallery page bc...oof!

bliss-net 💻 175 days ago


bliss-net 🙂 178 days ago

Update: IRL life is pretty gud rn, REALLY REALLY want to get my neocities back on track tho'

bliss-net ✏️ 216 days ago

Still around just got caught in life and family stuff thinking about redoing the welcome page lol

bliss-net 💻 251 days ago

Currently in the process of updating the nav, and moving some pages around. Plan to redo the homepage, writing page, and the shrine page

bliss-net 🥳 283 days ago

Really gonna use next year to make some SICK stuff, promise!

bliss-net 🙂 297 days ago

I just got over a 3 day flu, and now I dont feel as anxious as I was, hoping I can keep this up some how

bliss-net ✨ 317 days ago

Thanks for 300+ followers on Neocities, you all are the best!

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