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a young artist who likes making art, coding, and cute stuff! I have tons of projects and tons of profiles so stay tuned
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bliss-net ✨ 8 days ago

Thanks for 300+ followers on Neocities, you all are the best!

bliss-net 🙂 19 days ago

Gonna add some small updates here and there...

bliss-net 🤩 21 days ago

The trick or treat zine for yesterweb was great, you all did such an awesome job, cant wait 4 next year!

bliss-net 🙂 39 days ago

The sims summit was as about as meh as expected, idk how the games gonna run now with all the stuff they plan to add

bliss-net ✨ 43 days ago

I finally made my Hallo-zine site look presentable, yee

bliss-net 💻 47 days ago

update my site to look a bit more halloween-y

bliss-net 🌧️ 51 days ago

Yet another day of being frustrated that I didn't met my unreasonable expectations for myself...ooof

bliss-net 😡 54 days ago

I stg if making the start screen and the end screen for this game in game maker is the thing that delays it, OOOOOOF!

bliss-net 🎮 67 days ago

Gonna learn some stuff in Game Maker studios bby!

bliss-net 🙂 79 days ago

After being whisked away to huge con, I'm finally back! oof!

bliss-net ✏️ 87 days ago

REALLY thinkin' 'bout NaNoWriMo this yr, I got two stories I could work on, and kind of just want to see what the hype is all abt

bliss-net 🙃 89 days ago

I going thru that thing where I realize my productivity standards for myself are wayy 2 high, oof

bliss-net 💤 90 days ago

I was going to FINALLY beat FE:3H today, but I lost the game cartridge and that one oof made me lose mojo to do anything to do today

bliss-net 😶 92 days ago

went through one of those bouts where all I can think is "OH I CANT DRAW!", but then I drew something and now im like "Oh I can draw, lol"

bliss-net 🙃 93 days ago

Feel like a drew a bunch and made a bunch of progress in drawing but at the same time, I feel like I did draw much this yr,oof

bliss-net ✏️ 95 days ago

I was kind of in a bad mood yesterday, bullying myself for not fic writing, I'm going 2 write some day tho, but I'm not gonna b 2 harsh

bliss-net ✏️ 97 days ago

I'm getting in a fic writing mood Ohhh👀

bliss-net 🙂 99 days ago

I finally got done with organizing the first bag of gachas, now to work on some layouts, and maybe write some fics

bliss-net ✅ 101 days ago

OOf, I'm in the middle of organizing my room since I moved, clothes and my gacha collection is gonna take a min..

bliss-net 🥳 103 days ago

Good news, I got my photoshop to work again, I had to do clean install but it was worth it

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