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a young artist who likes making art, coding, and cute stuff! I have tons of projects and tons of profiles so stay tuned
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bliss-net 📖 39 days ago

I've FINALLY started to write some stuff! HUZZAH!

bliss-net 😎 40 days ago

Came back from the Top Gun movie it was pretty swaggy!

bliss-net 📰 41 days ago

Gonna see Top Gun and maybe I'll post my first web travels post...stay tuned

bliss-net ✨ 44 days ago

Okay, I set up the status update widget on my site, yee yee!😁💯🔥👌

bliss-net ❤️ 44 days ago

ehh..this theme looks good...for now I can vibe with it

bliss-net 😶 44 days ago

my page might look FUNKY for a bit but bare with me okay

bliss-net 🙂 44 days ago

Aye, yo I FINALLY got on here!