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blazingcobaltx 😭 137 days ago

The shoes I've wanted for so long are too big and there's no smaller available

blazingcobaltx 🥰 142 days ago

PLEASE read Doughnuts under a crescent moon

blazingcobaltx 🤔 147 days ago

What if I pick old papers from uni and re-explore the topics I discussed in them

blazingcobaltx 😭 152 days ago

forgot to bookmark this cool website i found and now it's lost and im SAD

blazingcobaltx 💀 158 days ago

Who told me to try remake my splash page HUH???

blazingcobaltx 🧐 173 days ago

So much i already wanna change about my main website layout......

blazingcobaltx 🙂 181 days ago

Moses Sumney Make Out in My Car James Blake Version living in my head rent-free

blazingcobaltx 🎶 183 days ago

moses sumney make out in my car extended version living in my head rent-free

blazingcobaltx 🌈 189 days ago

I speak my native language in public not to hide info from others. For me, it is an expression of intimacy.

blazingcobaltx 🤒 192 days ago

God these nonresponse images are gonna be the death of me

blazingcobaltx 🤐 200 days ago

This new shrine is gonna have SO many pages at this rate lord help

blazingcobaltx 💾 215 days ago

Thinking abt making a spreadsheet for all the exercises I've gotten from physio

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