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Birds are cool


birdcorevoyager 🙃 238 days ago

For some reason, the new item I added to my RSS feed isn't showing up. I might see if I can fix it later.

birdcorevoyager 🥗 239 days ago

The snail in my yard didn't want the spinach I offered it. qvq; Guess it wasn't hungry.

birdcorevoyager ✏️ 239 days ago

I think my website's properly optimised for 800x600 displays now! It's not perfect, but it's functional enough for me.

birdcorevoyager 💻 245 days ago

Got the Godot course bundle from Humble Bundle--depending on how I feel tonight, I might start learning!

birdcorevoyager ✏️ 249 days ago

If I'm not feeling too lazy this weekend, I might try and make a proper background for my website. =v=

birdcorevoyager 💻 251 days ago

I think I'm figuring out RSS! Managed to embed the contents of my first blog post in the feed description.

birdcorevoyager 🧐 252 days ago

Getting into painting tabletop minis for the first time...I think I might have sprayed too much primer on one of them. qvq

birdcorevoyager 🥳 255 days ago

Alright, the scripting on my website is fixed! Everything seems to be showing up as intended now.

birdcorevoyager 🙃 255 days ago

Currently trying to update my site's layout--the design looks okay, but the scripting elements aren't quite working...

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