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♡ graphic design is shit coding is shit all i want is revenge!!!
♡ i make games and other things
a stamp-shaped gif showing one of the Richard Scarry's drawings of a cat, writing a letter, with slowly flashing text reading Sign my guest book! A stamp-shaped gif of different pictures of Sonic with text reading I want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and I'm not kidding. A stamp-shaped gif that reads This user hates NFTs, and then shows multiple unhappy or angry or negative emojis and reads Crypto is Cringe. A stamp-shaped gif of a sparkling sunflower with the text Have a good day!!! A stamp-shaped gif showing multiple still images from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist a stamp-shaped image that reads I <3 BITSY, and, with a simple pixel-art cat to the right of the text a stamp-shaped animated gif of text on a periwinkle background. the text reads not to brag but I feel that I have grown significantly as a person over the last few years an animated stamp-shaped gif that reads Chibi-Robo! God's most perfect angel. on the left, with a picture of chibi-robo on the right. after the text displays, a sparkling red heart replaces the text before it repeats. an animated gif with two cats that says catboy sanctuary an animated gif with two flowers that says learning to crochet an animated gif with the moon and stars that says i <3 wolves an animated gif with a pink computer that says hell is empty and all the devils are here an animated gif with an orange cat that says teehee an animated gif that says terfs fuck off with arrows pointing to an exit browser window button
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bignastytruck 🔥 216 days ago

america is funding this genocide - if you're american you have a responsibility to agitate and mobilize against it! end the occupation!

bignastytruck 🔥 219 days ago

global strike for palestine tomorrow (dec 11)! no shopping, no work, no school! if you're in the us call & email your reps as always!

bignastytruck 💤 429 days ago

scientists specially designed me in a lab to be sleepy.

bignastytruck 🙂 445 days ago

thinking about fortnite sasuke again

bignastytruck 💤 446 days ago

after feeling quiet for a while, i'd like to share things i make again! of course, right as i need to focus on other things, but so be it!

bignastytruck 😇 548 days ago

thinking about fortnite sasuke =^_^= he's so happy in there

bignastytruck 🤖 552 days ago

i want lemony ice water.... war and hate on planet earth....

bignastytruck 🎁 598 days ago

it's certainly still not done but i've finally finished the silliest page on my neocities enough to link to it from the homepage!!!

bignastytruck 📚 656 days ago

spending the morning making tiny little 1-inch zines :)

bignastytruck 🎮 658 days ago

deep back into animal crossing :-)

bignastytruck 🎨 678 days ago

made myself a little shirt the other day :-)

bignastytruck 🎮 704 days ago

quite simply all i have been doing this week is playing breath of the wild and i think it's so tragic that i can only adopt so many horses

bignastytruck 💤 715 days ago

whew finished my game for the bitsy jam and now i want to sleep for a million years!!

bignastytruck 💡 717 days ago

i've fiiiinally fully picked what my bitsy jam game is gonna be!! now just like 29 hours to make the game

bignastytruck ✨ 721 days ago

feeling inspired after working on portfolio stuff & bitsy game jam stuff tonight, and excited to do more tomorrow :)

bignastytruck 💻 723 days ago

i *will* work on my """professional""" portfolio 4 jobs 2day!!!! (*thru gritted teeth*)

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