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Bibliophile | Writer | 24 Good day! I'm Isabell Gwinnett-Bast, an aspiring writer and knowledge seeker. I would describe myself as a bibliophile that takes comfort from the written page while seeking exciting opportunities in reality. Residing in rural West Virginia with hopes to move to the urban sprawl β€” for the time being β€” I will have to live out my city girl dreams through literature, art and cinema. College-educated, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts with a concentration in Journalism as well as a minor in English.


bibliophilemuse 🌧️ 5 days ago

I've never felt so invisible. My existence isn't even worthy of a footnote.

bibliophilemuse πŸ“š 20 days ago

Christe, meoum commorare, Vesper cadens obumbrare, Diem coepit Tenebris. ("Candle For A Corpse," Ann Granger)

bibliophilemuse πŸ™ƒ 33 days ago

"Thanks for your interest in ... Unfortunately we have decided not to move forward with your application." β€” The joys of job rejection πŸ™ƒ

bibliophilemuse 😢 39 days ago

I’m tired of being shy. It's embarrassing β€” to be hyper aware of everything you are doing wrong and not be able to just be "normal".

bibliophilemuse πŸ™ƒ 41 days ago

I just saw a video counting down the days to Autumn when Spring hasn't even arrived yet β€” 🌱🌼🌷

bibliophilemuse πŸ™‚ 41 days ago

I hate how fast we move on from seasons β€” This fascination of celebrating Autumn in Spring; etc, is only for content on social media.

bibliophilemuse πŸ’‘ 42 days ago

There is no try, either you do it or you don't.

bibliophilemuse πŸ™ƒ 45 days ago

Frustrated with my job search and exhausted by job rejection. 😣😀😞

bibliophilemuse 🎨 45 days ago

When the creativity and the ability to create aren't aligned, it leads to frustation with the creative process. 😭😑

bibliophilemuse πŸ€– 46 days ago

Capitalism encourages cruelty in the name of profit and success. And β€” unknownigly β€” celebrates its own self-destruction.

bibliophilemuse πŸ’» 47 days ago

Currently working on a neocities website 🐈🌐

bibliophilemuse πŸ’” 47 days ago

Phones are a two way street, I just wish I wasn't on a one lane road.

bibliophilemuse 🌱 48 days ago

Life is simply variations on a monotonous theme. Everyday is the same β€” but it is different in its own way.

bibliophilemuse πŸ“– 48 days ago

Currently reading The Fortune Seller by Rachel Kapelke-Dale. ✢

bibliophilemuse 🎲 48 days ago

Can't wait to start my butterfly πŸ¦‹ garden 🌼🌷🌻🌸

bibliophilemuse πŸ’‘ 48 days ago

Too many ideas and not enough motivation to fulfil them

bibliophilemuse πŸ‘€ 49 days ago

The feeling when you get new glasses πŸ‘“ and feel like you are seeing the world with fresh eyes.

bibliophilemuse β˜•οΈ 49 days ago

My coffee drinking habit has never been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic dalgona coffee craze. β˜•οΈ