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beeep ☀️ 5 days ago

Sunshine and planetary overlap got me feelin OPTIMISTIC

beeep 💤 7 days ago

Took instagram off my phone...want to log out...tune out....don't want to know

beeep 🤒 185 days ago

All I wanna do is spend money but I ain't GOT NONE

beeep 🤖 192 days ago

Woof, rough day

beeep 🧀 194 days ago

Need 2 pay billz n grocery shop :-/

beeep 💔 196 days ago

Really wish I had the capacity to leave the house and have a good time

beeep 🙃 200 days ago

I do feel bad when I doordash Taco Bell from the next town over however it will not stop me from getting my breakfast crunchwrap

beeep 🤒 201 days ago

Thought I was over my cold but it hit me like a freight train this morning

beeep 🎶 203 days ago

Finally setting up the iPod I got at the flea market last year!

beeep 💀 205 days ago

Why can I never just feel good why gotta be sick ALWAYS

beeep 🤒 210 days ago

Woke up with a headache

beeep ✅ 211 days ago

Fucking irritated

beeep 😶 215 days ago

Am I ever gonna feel better? So tired, so dizzy, so worried

beeep 💔 217 days ago

No motivation no energy

beeep 💤 218 days ago

Nap time!

beeep 😇 222 days ago

Loving these little 4 hour shifts at work

beeep ✈️ 224 days ago

Well...that's that

beeep 🥰 325 days ago


beeep ✨ 350 days ago

Workin on the Geo today, cross your fingers

beeep 🤖 377 days ago

All I can muster is putting in another Star Trek tape

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