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beeep 👀 19 days ago

Beep boop

beeep 💻 25 days ago

New laptop alert! Time to manually re-save all my bookmarks.....

beeep 💡 45 days ago

Coming to the realization that I'm built like a Kewpie doll...

beeep 🙂 51 days ago

another freakin ear infection... cool!

beeep 💡 53 days ago

Thinking about antique hook rugs

beeep 😯 58 days ago

Donut 4 dinner

beeep 📖 61 days ago

Such an early bird.... 6:17 a.m.

beeep ☕️ 62 days ago

So stormy! Tea time!

beeep 🤒 64 days ago

I'm sick......again

beeep 🐶 89 days ago

Krystian and I leave Sunday for our big trip!

beeep 🎱 90 days ago

life's weird

beeep 🎲 93 days ago

Kidney pain

beeep 🌧️ 94 days ago

Flea market awaits

beeep 🙃 95 days ago

kidney stones

beeep 📺 224 days ago

Been watchin a lot o movies

beeep 🥰 239 days ago

Almost done moving into my new house!

beeep 🚄 246 days ago


beeep 🤔 250 days ago

Things are going suspiciously well!

beeep 🥺 259 days ago

My friend just called and said he picked up a box of VHS on the sidewalk for me to go through

beeep 🙂 266 days ago

cute boy who smells like french toast

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