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beau 💾 39 days ago

Updating my password book today before I start wiping my computer for linux mint! Found my status one :,]

beau 🎁 136 days ago

I turned 18 yesterday :D

beau 🎨 157 days ago

So happy with working on my art page! I've been dying to do it and put my art on my site finally. I found my style for assets.

beau 🎶 163 days ago

"Moon ~ tell me if I could ~ Send up my heart to you? So when I die, ~ which I must do, ~ can it shine down here with you?"

beau 🎶 165 days ago

~"Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies"~

beau 🎨 277 days ago

Working on adding timestamps to my art gallery and doing art from when I was 13 thinking "wow I was a baby here" xD

beau ✏️ 284 days ago

Its been a while since I updated my status.. Fatigued these past 2 days, gonna try and get back into positive routines with my site.

beau 💾 310 days ago

Feeling nice today :] Hoping to get some site work done. Alot of it is drawing custom graphics though ...

beau 💔 312 days ago

Art isnt turning out right, felt like I just wasted a bunch of time

beau 🎨 312 days ago

Body hurts quite a bit but I'm finally functioning at such a later hour >:[... Nonetheless I'm happy to start getting some work done

beau 🫖 314 days ago

I fell to the sleepy but the nap was very wonderful. I feel alot better. I think my sleep schedule will be fine since I woke up at 7 AM.

beau 💤 314 days ago

I refuse to be sleepy ... ouu food please wake me up more

beau ⛳️ 314 days ago

Woke up early today, feeling more energized and happy. I'm gonna make some coffee and work on my site..!

beau 💾 315 days ago

Been very fatigued today. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself.

beau 🎱 316 days ago

I accidentally fell asleep for 30 minutes to calligraphy videos. I got up to take my shower and I might finish my blog index.

beau 📰 316 days ago

Currently working on making a new blog page... I need to complain teehee

beau ❤️ 319 days ago

Working on Presters shrine page <3...