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bbg 🙂 1 day ago

Been a while since I updated my webbed site...I have the tools I want to use but I haven't yet figured out what to do with them

bbg 🥳 13 days ago

Saw my blinkie in the wild again :) Second time! It makes me so happy to see my creations spreading :D

bbg 🍿 22 days ago

40 chicken nuggets.. and then... twenty more...chicken nuggets

bbg 🔥 32 days ago

Patch log: More noticable enter button, removed homepage sfx, more visible links, expand on hover art, etc

bbg 🔥 32 days ago

Had a friend test my site- Time to rapid fire fix some bugs!

bbg 💻 34 days ago

The problem with patching bugs are they are so fucking funny. Can everyone please go to and watch this baby fly

bbg 💤 35 days ago

THREE HOURS to figure out how to with code. its ' btw. you put ' on both sides of code

bbg 🔥 35 days ago

54 new blinkies on /Stolen.Loot -WHEW! That sucked to code in. I have a few more things to add but I'm going to leave it for a few days.

bbg 🔥 36 days ago

54 new stamps on my loot page

bbg 😎 40 days ago

small little addons to the site, nothin big but it's fun :) rainbow text on homepage, added a signpost on about, that sorta thing

bbg 🐶 41 days ago

I want to try bookbinding..... (has a disease that makes me try every creative medium)

bbg 🙂 49 days ago

Soft launch of my epic petting zoo/animal shelter page! It'll drop as soon as my navbar updates...

bbg 🙂 50 days ago

I'm working on a petting zoo :)

bbg 🙂 53 days ago

Applying to jobs like... scam, scam, unpaid, scam.... <- actual round up for the four jobs I just looked at. I think maybe linkedin sucks

bbg 👽 60 days ago

Some really cool site updates today :)

bbg 🤩 60 days ago

World's smallest kitten is preventing site updates >u<

bbg 🤐 62 days ago

WOW did i ever pick a big task with this restructure. Day by day it'll get there!

bbg 🌙 65 days ago

activate me on piclog PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE URGGHHH *powers up and turns into some sort of creature*

bbg 🐶 67 days ago

Sitting outside in an apartment complex. This bulldog keeps periodically remembering I'm here, sticking his head up, and barking once (1).

bbg 🤐 67 days ago


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