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basicallybug 💻 40 days ago

back to coding eheheheh life is good again

basicallybug 🐶 51 days ago

i need. to redo my website... but i also. need to lay in bed and cry about one direction 😁👍🏼

basicallybug 🐶 51 days ago

i have long accepted that my worst trait as a human being is being a directioner in the year 2023 and i will no longer apologize for it...

basicallybug 🐶 51 days ago

im gonna start screaming and throwing things im SORRY i miss one direction SO bad its not funny anymore!!!!!

basicallybug 🐶 56 days ago

dont know if its just my meds working or if im just in a silly goofy mood but ive once again decided to turn my life around completely LOL!

basicallybug 🐶 57 days ago

I'm now on a first-name basis with the entire plumbing staff and the property management. I don't like this.

basicallybug 🐶 60 days ago

covid still got me. twt silenced me. HOWEVER. i need to share that i just heard Bad Idea and i swear to god i just went fuckin NUTS!!!!!

basicallybug 🐶 73 days ago

love is sending locks of your hair to your friends in the mail <3

basicallybug 🐶 74 days ago

just sent my gf an audio text of me humming the intro to sticker by nct... do u think she still loves me

basicallybug 🐶 75 days ago

i cannot keep apologizing for being a directioner.... its just who i am now

basicallybug 🐶 75 days ago

one full week on prozac yippie!!!

basicallybug 🐶 78 days ago

using my $17 dollar Twilight journal from hot topic to write recipes instead of fuckin... normal things

basicallybug 🐶 79 days ago

gonna put makeup on for the first time in several months,, i forgor how to do it

basicallybug 🐶 80 days ago

womanhood is pummice-stone-ing your feet while watching yellowjackets tbh

basicallybug 🐶 80 days ago

besti has me watchin yellowjackets i am Scared

basicallybug 🐶 81 days ago

school mandated visit to the hub of prawns,,, insane

basicallybug 🐶 81 days ago

prozac night, minute 1: this shit tastes sm better than lexapro omg?

basicallybug 🐶 82 days ago

idk what to work on next for my site zzzz adhd wants me to do everything rn and also nothing at all

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