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basicallybug ❤️ 5 days ago


basicallybug 🎲 11 days ago

i have sm i want to do... but i have No Time To Do It and also no motivation like PLEEK adhd work WITH me i beg!!!!!!!!!!!!

basicallybug 😡 15 days ago

2day was AWFUL!!!!!!! thank god i have therapy in da morning,,, at least my gallery is live

basicallybug 🤖 17 days ago

arcade themed about page is now live so basically im ballin!

basicallybug 🙂 44 days ago

ehehe,,, you'd never guess!! i... want to redo my home page. again. but first. i finish my uhhhhhh about me page(s) ig...

basicallybug ☕️ 48 days ago

fixed my moms coffee maker... every day i am closer to fuckin around and getting an associates degree in trade shit

basicallybug 😡 50 days ago

ive never read a worse book than "After The Death of Anna Gonzalez" frankly. wish i could get 20 mins back.

basicallybug 💤 56 days ago

HHH half my stamps dont show up! i cannot be bothered to fix it! we'll see if i feel like it next month. now... have to re-code All My Pages

basicallybug 🎁 59 days ago

frankly, i think snuggies are god's greatest gift to humanity

basicallybug 😭 61 days ago

EXCITEMENT OVER, GEORGE IS GONE. i hate greys anatomy so bad sometimes

basicallybug 💻 62 days ago

EEEEEEEE IM SO EXCITED im teaching myself java and im coding a january theme that changes based on the time of day ive never felt more cool!

basicallybug 🙂 63 days ago

buying a dry erase board for the hallway partially to silence the demons in me but Mostly to silence my mother from asking me what I'm doing

basicallybug 💀 64 days ago

the amount of times ive cried over greys anatomy is rly embarassing.

basicallybug ☕️ 65 days ago

:((( this rly sweet lady bought me a coffee,,, maybe ppl are good

basicallybug 🤖 65 days ago

i put off cleaning my office corner area for MONTHS bc... daunting adhd task. bitch i cleaned the whole thing in 15 mins.... BYE

basicallybug 💻 68 days ago

need to get started coding my january themes but house flipper 2 calls me like a siren...

basicallybug ☕️ 69 days ago

sitting down with coffee to write a blog post ab my exposure therapy from today EEEE so excited!!!

basicallybug 🍾 71 days ago

erm haha... im now a college graduate :3

basicallybug 📚 71 days ago

i only have one more assignment to do before i'm officially done with my bachelors degree.... its so easy too but all i wanna do is play GTA

basicallybug 😭 79 days ago

NOOOO REALLY OLD GUYYYYYY :((( greys anatomy is heartbreaking

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