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bananaboots 💻 22 hours ago

i think every picrew should have a :3 mouth option tbh

bananaboots 💻 3 days ago

writing my silly little stories on my silly little puter :3

bananaboots 🎶 4 days ago

hi im renata bliss and im your freestyle dance teacher

bananaboots ❤️ 4 days ago

i need me some heart shaped glasses tbh

bananaboots 📱 7 days ago

its quarter past midnight but luckily i have nowhere to be tomorrow so im instead researching things from my childhood

bananaboots ✏️ 10 days ago

trust the process trust the process trust the process trust the process trust the process trust the process trust the process trust the pro-

bananaboots 🎶 10 days ago

7 days at galifianakis /ref

bananaboots 🎶 10 days ago

professor layton and the lost future ost my beloved <333333333333

bananaboots ✏️ 10 days ago

drawing smth reaaaaally cool :)

bananaboots ✨ 11 days ago

got free time today, time to rearrange some things ^^

bananaboots 📺 12 days ago

i love the undertale/deltarune fandom bc where else can you get a guy full on yelling about his theory like hes going full crazy lmao

bananaboots 🐱 14 days ago

home alone, hearing weird noises. you would think my house is haunted. no. i have a cat.

bananaboots 🤒 14 days ago

getting a cold so imma watch deltarune theories and forget about my responsibilities

bananaboots 😛 15 days ago

got a free afternoon so im (of course) going to spend it fiddling with my neocities

bananaboots 💤 16 days ago

im so tired can it not be monday pls

bananaboots 💔 16 days ago

wish i could hide from the real world forever

bananaboots 💻 17 days ago

got me some lollipops, listening to undertale the musical, time to do some programming

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