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bananaboots 😡 38 days ago

discord is inexplicably not working for me which wouldnt be too big of a problem but i use it as an image host for my site

bananaboots 42 days ago

Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a room. A rubber room. A rubber room with rats. Rats make me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy o-

bananaboots 🙄 53 days ago

well i didnt manage to fix the problem but ive spent a solid couple of hours across two entirely separate days on it so its a design feature

bananaboots 💻 53 days ago

testing a coding issue with the oc pages, please bear with me!

bananaboots 🥺 58 days ago

.........domovoi by the forgetmenauts

bananaboots 🌈 62 days ago

no one talk to me im writing about gay faeries

bananaboots 💀 62 days ago

i reeeeeally wanna write but writers block is kicking my ass rn :/

bananaboots 🎶 66 days ago

love how in gender rebels, nastya is in a perpetual state of looking kinda pissed off

bananaboots 🥹 66 days ago

having feelings over queering the map

bananaboots 🥳 72 days ago

okay the new guestbook is finally done!

bananaboots 💻 72 days ago

ok, im back at it again, testing a new guestbook setup pls ignore me

bananaboots 💻 72 days ago

ok, it's not working and i dont really wanna look at it rn so please just ignore it till, like, tomorrow (or whenever i fix it)

bananaboots 💻 72 days ago

currently testing a new guestbook setup, please ignore me!

bananaboots 💻 74 days ago

*sigh* not me making yet another oc (idk much abt them yet but theyre gonna be a tma oc)

bananaboots ✨ 84 days ago

if u need me ill be over here romanticising the mundane

bananaboots 🍫 91 days ago

got me a sudden craving for mini eggs

bananaboots 🌈 91 days ago

im so fuckign gay for the summer king music video

bananaboots 🫠 95 days ago

i hate doing linearttttt

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