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bananaboots 🤔 10 hours ago

in an...interesting headspace rn, hoping to make the most of it by writing srry for no site updates, been busy w other stuff

bananaboots 💀 33 days ago

Me: *reading fanfics* it's research, i swear!

bananaboots 💤 61 days ago

that moment when u have a nap then feel more tired afterwards 💀💀💀

bananaboots ✨ 86 days ago

i feel kinda bad abt not updating my site in a while, i promise im around, just been making huge progress writing a longfic

bananaboots 🎮 87 days ago

can my ps4 PLEASE stop threatening to overheat, its already crashed once today bc of it

bananaboots 😎 91 days ago

making an actual effort to use hyphens, en dashes and em dashes correctly in my fic

bananaboots 🤩 91 days ago

i am SO close to finishing plotting my current wip i cannot wait to start writing

bananaboots 🏂 97 days ago

mentally ill abt gay werewolf murder ballad by the forgetmenauts go listen to it

bananaboots 🎶 98 days ago

i get shivers every time i listen to frankenstein by the mechanisms its so good

bananaboots 📺 99 days ago

finally actually giving sailor moon a try lmao

bananaboots 🎶 102 days ago

the forgetmenauts my beloveds <3

bananaboots 😭 103 days ago

not me considering redoing my blog again

bananaboots 🎶 104 days ago

gay werewolf murder ballad my beloved <3

bananaboots ✨ 104 days ago

hey does anyone have any recs for magical girl animes? (before you ask i am planning on watching sailor moon...eventually)

bananaboots 💻 109 days ago

gonna be working on a game ive been meaning to return to :3

bananaboots 🍦 111 days ago

its fine dining darling /ref

bananaboots 💻 112 days ago

i think every picrew should have a :3 mouth option tbh

bananaboots 💻 115 days ago

writing my silly little stories on my silly little puter :3

bananaboots 🎶 116 days ago

hi im renata bliss and im your freestyle dance teacher

bananaboots ❤️ 116 days ago

i need me some heart shaped glasses tbh

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