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badmiracle 🤒 74 days ago

Everything happens so much

badmiracle 👀 174 days ago

Now that Pearl Boy has ended I can spam Seven Seas and KUMA with requests to license it right

badmiracle 📺 196 days ago

The Everything for Demon King Evelogia anime is surprisingly decent so far

badmiracle 🎲 217 days ago

Welp, time to give Dueling Nexus a try

badmiracle 🎶 228 days ago

Cream Soda is a BOP

badmiracle 💾 236 days ago

One day I will get off my ass and write that physical media manifesto. One day.

badmiracle 📺 238 days ago

I need Be My Favorite to do well because I need the boxset

badmiracle 🎬 238 days ago

"Bottoms" is my kind of teen comedy omg can it be August now?

badmiracle 🎬 257 days ago

Going to see ATSV a second time

badmiracle 🥺 259 days ago

Trying not to cry after the judge calls me a punk bitch in Ace Attorney

badmiracle 💻 261 days ago

I've fallen behind learning coding but I hope to start back up soon

badmiracle 🎱 262 days ago

New eps of Pearl Boy fill me with joy and dread lmao

badmiracle 😭 267 days ago

I'm proud of CBX but hearing the news has ruined my Hot Girl Summer lmao

badmiracle 💾 269 days ago

Need to figure out an easier way to preserve threadfic

badmiracle 📺 273 days ago

Okay, Be My Favorite is cute

badmiracle 😭 276 days ago

My heart can't take much more of these Pearl Boy chapters

badmiracle 🎬 282 days ago

I am once again asking Unintentional Love Story to come out with a boxset

badmiracle 🙃 292 days ago

Not my LITA boxset being sent to my parents