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Fanart of Bede from Pokemon
Hi! Call me Azure, or Bede!

I'm your local autistic boygirl, and I use he/she/bun pronouns!

I am an artist, writer and general enthusiast!


azure 🤩 7 days ago


azure ✨ 23 days ago

Haven't drawn in over a month... Recovery IS possible

azure 😭 29 days ago

Please... ONE cool piece of Splatoon merch that isn't Japan-exclusive.... bplease

azure 😡 43 days ago

After this latest, insane anti-ad stunt YouTube's pulled, ain't no way I'm using that shit on my computer anymore. Invidious, here I come!

azure 🤒 57 days ago

I've been particularly mentally ill over MILGRAM lately...

azure 📖 81 days ago

Me when my disablity disables me: God, what the fuck? This sucks. What the hell man

azure 🥱 118 days ago

"Let he who is without cringe cast the first stone" - Jesus if he was based

azure 😶 130 days ago

Damn, this feeling of my self-worth being inherently tied to my academic output got hands

azure ✏️ 134 days ago

Super busy at this summit! It's tiring, but fun! It helps that the supervisor lets me rest and skip activities when I need to.

azure 😯 141 days ago

Gonna travel by plane and leave my home state for the first time in a few days! I'm very nervous, but excited.

azure ❄️ 156 days ago

My life is like Hotel for Dogs, but instead of having a hotel for dogs, I have seasonal depression

azure 🤐 160 days ago

I don't know why I get so nervous to hang out with my in-person friends when I always end up having a good time

azure 📚 168 days ago

More people need to get guestbooks so us bitches shadowbanned on Neocities (me) can comment on their sites

azure 😡 170 days ago

Praying for my art teacher's downfall

azure 💻 175 days ago

I am STRESSING about this fanfic rn. Trying to parse Sonic the Hedgehog lore from what people say online makes my brain hurt...!

azure 🎨 186 days ago

Working on a zine right now~! Got the title page, the acknowledgements page and the first page of actual content done! So exciting EEEEE!!

azure 🥰 188 days ago

I love, love, love my college's neurodivergency club!! The last president moved away last year, so I'm applying for president this year~

azure 🎶 189 days ago

Deep Cut's latest song FUCKS!! I'm gonna have this on repeat all day

azure 🎨 191 days ago

I want to learn to make zines, bind books, voice act, sing, paint, make music... I have so much to learn, but too little time in the day :(

azure 🥱 193 days ago

SO tired after my first day back at college. Both of my teachers seem nice and chill, which I'm super grateful for.

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