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ayashihime 😴 152 days ago

draw more feel gooder

ayashihime 🙂 208 days ago

in other news though, UNI 2 looks cool and i can't wait finally play UNI with rollback

ayashihime 😶 208 days ago

the bastard (johnny) is back in guilty gear. despite how cool he looks, i really don't ever want to play strive again

ayashihime 🤐 208 days ago

whew, made a lot of changes to the site. next step is probably to add some images and change up the colors.. which i'll do eventuallyTM

ayashihime 🎨 209 days ago

getting my website to a point i'm satisfied with.. maybe i should start actually writing blog posts or something on it soon

ayashihime ✏️ 210 days ago

Hello world!