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auxie ✏️ 10 days ago

Stuck on the line "soon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by & by" how 2 visually represent that? music vid sucks & doesnt help

auxie 😱 16 days ago

@10:39 — ooohb i got plany of time @10:41 — oh shit oh fuck oh god fu cking shit

auxie 🎶 16 days ago

im gonna take the christian rock and im gonna make it transgender furries. Ok? im gonna make it transgender.

auxie ✏️ 17 days ago

neglecting my site in favor of drawing ♡ i tried smthn new the other day, it RLY worked, now i have three full pieces ready 4 lines & color!

auxie 👽 24 days ago

naruto is actually about an alien invasion

auxie 💻 30 days ago

made a visual guide for the piclog tutorial i want to make bc i love fun little websites

auxie ❤️ 30 days ago

ugh hickeys r just bruises & maybe if we all had more of them ppl would be less uptight about it

auxie 🎶 35 days ago

i wanna make a point to listen to at least 1 new album a week cuz i need to hear all the furry rave music ever

auxie 🐱 35 days ago

sage of six paths: hey naruto. youre just the right kind of dumbass for this job

auxie 🐱 37 days ago

clearly this type of situation is potato chips

auxie 😂 39 days ago

went to download a subtitle file for movie night and the website tried to give me a RAR file LMAO I THINK NOT

auxie 💡 41 days ago

i think i can get the navigation i want by just using aria buttons to show/hide divs that r all loaded in the same spot

auxie 💀 44 days ago

feel myself smacked back in time by 1000yrs wen i effortlessly type &lt;3 instead of <3 suddenly im on the warrior cats official forums

auxie ✨ 45 days ago


auxie ✨ 45 days ago

does any1 have a blingee acct theyll let me use, promise im niceys *pleading on my knees* i want to make one SO BADLY BUT SIGNUP IS BROKENNN

auxie 😡 45 days ago

grr ok blingee's signup page redirects to their login page so u cant signup rn. i KNO i have an acct, but i cant rmbr or find the email D"X

auxie 💀 45 days ago

Danzo really is the ronald reagan of naruto whenever anything goes wrong its always his fucking fault because he did it on purpose

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