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status updates :/ but really who cares


audreywasadiver ❄️ 15 days ago

i love ice skating!! ⛸️ :D

audreywasadiver ❀️ 79 days ago

omg!!! im going to formal with someone!

audreywasadiver 😎 89 days ago

i got two tickets to inhaler baby come with me friday dont say maybe

audreywasadiver 😭 90 days ago

need those inhaler tickets so bad...

audreywasadiver ❀️ 93 days ago

someone is treating me to pasta tomorrow!

audreywasadiver ❀️ 98 days ago

today my life felt like a movie holy shit is fate real?

audreywasadiver 😎 102 days ago

carlos d makes me want to pick up a bass

audreywasadiver 😎 115 days ago

meet me in the bathroom is my new favourite book ever

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