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corgi lab mama☕


atmospheres 💀 13 hours ago

forgot to bring my airpods to the cafe! boo!!

atmospheres ✅ 1 day ago

black friday sales got me good

atmospheres 💤 2 days ago

post thanksgiving nap starting on 3.. 2.. 1...

atmospheres ✨ 3 days ago

got a half day today! four and a half day weekend!!

atmospheres 🔥 4 days ago

caught a glimpse of the firey sunset on this dark gloomy day

atmospheres 🌧️ 5 days ago

somehow avoided rainy days on all my trips this fall

atmospheres ✨ 6 days ago

perfect fall day perfect temperature perfect fall foliage

atmospheres 🤩 7 days ago

this boutique hotel let me check in early for free since my room was ready so i took a little nap

atmospheres 🥰 7 days ago

shared so many small plates with my friends at a gastropub last night! i love sharing small plates!!

atmospheres 💡 9 days ago

used a keurig machine for the first time today at the office

atmospheres ☕️ 10 days ago

today might as well be a double caffeine day for me

atmospheres 😯 11 days ago

waiting in line at ichiran ramen because they only have one kitchen open rn

atmospheres 🥱 12 days ago

suuuuper sleepy at a fancy little market in brooklyn

atmospheres 🎁 13 days ago

got tea and coffee flavor baumkuchen from muji to share with my mom

atmospheres 🥰 14 days ago

enjoying fall in central park. thought it was supposed to rain but it is sunny and warm!!

atmospheres 🍸 15 days ago

drinking a mimosa at the airport lounge so i can knock out on the plane

atmospheres 🌱 16 days ago

got off work early, went to the tea shop. had jasmine green tea latte with juniper and bay leaf syrup. they garnished it with dried flowers

atmospheres 💻 17 days ago

eating trader joe's coffee bean blast ice cream while listening to cafe music and doing coding exercises :-)

atmospheres ✨ 17 days ago

i eat at yume wo katare just once and now i'm obsessed with their concept and dedication to makin good noodz

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