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corgi lab mama☕


atmospheres ❤️ 14 hours ago

nice weather and ikea lunch with friends!

atmospheres 😇 4 days ago

finally tried birria tacos and watched sex education

atmospheres 🌱 7 days ago

planted some marigolds yesterday. i hope they grow!!

atmospheres 🐱 16 days ago

amex lounge pudding is addicting

atmospheres 🎱 18 days ago

late summer baseball game in a new city!

atmospheres ☀️ 20 days ago

first time catching the sunrise in LA and it’s amazing

atmospheres 😎 23 days ago

free kettle chips coupon at ralph's :o)

atmospheres 🍸 35 days ago

outdoor dining, soaking in the late summer sunsets

atmospheres 🐶 37 days ago

sunset dog walk again! we saw an airplane taxiing

atmospheres ❤️ 41 days ago

grateful for friends who give you homemade condiments

atmospheres 🐶 43 days ago

watched the sunset with my dog <3

atmospheres ☕️ 44 days ago

spontaneous drawing at a cafe with online friend yesterday <3

atmospheres 🐱 48 days ago

girly dates all weekend <3

atmospheres 🍺 51 days ago

final night in oklahoma!! no one ID’s me here

atmospheres 🍸 53 days ago

okc, even if you only have like 3 tall buildings, you have been loads of fun

atmospheres 🥳 58 days ago

coworker grabbed an extra doubletree hotel cookie for me today:-D

atmospheres 🤩 60 days ago

got brisket at this local little bbq place and they gave us free soda!!

atmospheres 🥳 62 days ago

today we solved an escape room and walked around downtown for lunch and dessert!! breezy summer days!

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