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when lava pours out near the sea surface, tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur


ataraxia 😶 2 days ago

im so normal about this band

ataraxia 😶 18 days ago

rotting again

ataraxia 🥰 24 days ago

im normal again

ataraxia ✨ 30 days ago

man that new dungeon meshi episode huh

ataraxia 😛 32 days ago

the time will pass anyways

ataraxia 😛 34 days ago

guess who just got house of leaves

ataraxia 🙃 36 days ago

i need to read house of leaves so bad but it has one trillion holds at my library

ataraxia 😎 38 days ago

finally beat 0-5 on brutal omg

ataraxia 🥺 39 days ago

dream's end come true is making me feel things

ataraxia 😛 39 days ago

i am justr, a silly guy

ataraxia 😇 40 days ago

music and joy and sound and praise and notes and chords and faith and joy and praise and notes and faith and joy and joy and faith and

ataraxia 🥰 40 days ago

new ultrakill update got me feeling violent and enraged

ataraxia 🙃 42 days ago

2am gondii on loop writing json file (singular)

ataraxia 🥰 42 days ago

omg clowncore was on coachella

ataraxia 😛 43 days ago

my dnd character just killed a guy with tendrils that came out of his beard

ataraxia 🤖 44 days ago

the cis male urge to be a cute robot girl

ataraxia 🥹 45 days ago

actually worked on stuff today

ataraxia 😶 45 days ago

i wish i had more motivation to work on things

ataraxia 😛 45 days ago

we stay silly

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