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astro ❤️ 248 days ago

i got pepsi, all is well within the world

astro 🥺 248 days ago

got a cold and It Is Beating My Ass. Badly

astro 🤩 251 days ago

gets so anxious i float inside my body . GOD

astro 💤 253 days ago

i have slept too much today...

astro 😭 254 days ago

i wish i wasnt so scared of talking to people :( i like peoples... u_u

astro ✨ 260 days ago

🎺🐛 play the tumpet bwaaa

astro ✨ 398 days ago

astro poggiest moments

astro ❤️ 399 days ago

going to sleep at 7 am but v happy bc i finally finished a proyect. like yeah it needs some finishing touches but essentially it's DONE!!!!!

astro ✨ 399 days ago

so close to finishing this i can taste it

astro 😭 403 days ago

im so close to finished with. a singular page of my website let's... fucking go???!?!

astro ❤️ 403 days ago

the status gang is like the fun gang i love that

astro ✅ 406 days ago

been v silent lately bc ive been. so busy my god

astro 💔 410 days ago

im gonna have to share space with someone truly horrible. im going to maim people i think! nwn /neg

astro ❤️ 411 days ago


astro 🌙 411 days ago

got myself in a situation. but i know everythings gonna b ok just a bit shaken

astro ✏️ 413 days ago

god i love shaplin so much

astro ❤️ 413 days ago

first page im close to finished is a shrine for a butch girl. life is SO good i swear /pos

astro 🥰 415 days ago

i've been incredibly paranoid for the last hour but listening to the UT soundtrack did wonders on my brain. Bless you Toby Fox

astro 💻 416 days ago

hablando de self inserts en messenger, me inspiré. por fin puedo empezar una sección de mi sitio :3

astro 🎶 417 days ago

dancin out the anxiety and intrusive thoughts to smooth by santana babeeeey

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