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yo. im on tumblr as well (also asteromorph)


asteromorph 🙃 2 days ago

work should pay me extra for helping move stuff to the warehouse. i'm just a cashier

asteromorph 🥳 5 days ago

been to two birthday parties in the last two days

asteromorph 📚 13 days ago

reread trigun maximum. will be pensive for the rest of the night

asteromorph 📺 17 days ago

they should pay me to watch columbo forever

asteromorph 🙃 19 days ago

only good thing about having a cold is that i dont have to go to work

asteromorph 🤒 21 days ago

someone has hit me with curse of tonsil stone

asteromorph 🙃 22 days ago

horses love to use me as a scratching post

asteromorph 🎁 23 days ago

can the usps stop bending my prints (labeled "do not bend")

asteromorph 🎶 24 days ago

wait no thats the name of a zine. first donuts. whatever

asteromorph 🎶 24 days ago

i cant stop listening to The Last Donuts

asteromorph 💀 26 days ago

i dont wanna go to work tomorrowwwww. what if im still contagious :/

asteromorph 🤒 29 days ago

the sickness going around at work has finally caught up to me

asteromorph 📚 36 days ago

reading marie kondo's book

asteromorph 🎶 38 days ago

started working on a music page instead of the index. whoops

asteromorph 🌮 39 days ago

ate dinner with my mom's coworkers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯