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yo. im on tumblr as well (also asteromorph)


asteromorph ☀️ 67 days ago

trying to level up my team for sunyshore gym in platinum

asteromorph 💤 103 days ago

happy new year!! etc etc

asteromorph 🌙 157 days ago

tinkering with my new (old) cameras

asteromorph 🎁 162 days ago

FINALLY got a package in the mail

asteromorph 🌈 174 days ago

went to local pride event (idk why it's in october)

asteromorph 💻 175 days ago

why is email so stressful

asteromorph 🌧️ 178 days ago

little brother accidentally broke part of my meta knight statue :(

asteromorph 💻 180 days ago

ro ramdin's new video is so so good

asteromorph 📰 185 days ago

when i was your age we used to hit each other with rocks

asteromorph 📺 191 days ago

cant believe i waited a year to watch 'nope', awesome movie

asteromorph 🤒 193 days ago

never miss a T dose dude

asteromorph 💾 198 days ago

might redo my index again

asteromorph 🌙 201 days ago

family friend staying over tonight. how do i continue my nighttime activities

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