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and if a chonny jash themed bus crashes into us


ashhmillr 🥺 15 hours ago

get out of bad to play infinite craft

ashhmillr 😶 6 days ago

i am completely lost and i don't think i exist anymore

ashhmillr 😶 7 days ago

i'm not sure how i feel and how i should feel

ashhmillr 😭 8 days ago

fucking discord thanos'd all my images waaaaahh

ashhmillr 😭 8 days ago

"but the security guard at the abandoned warehouse said "This is private property" and "You can't film here" and "Fuck off mate""/new jash

ashhmillr 🙂 9 days ago

um its kind of a lot /ref

ashhmillr 💤 9 days ago

one day i won't be sleeping half a day and spend another half just laying in bed, and then unable to fall asleep at night

ashhmillr 🍕 10 days ago

made pizza. it's half burnt. maybe i shouldn't be allowed to cook

ashhmillr 🙂 12 days ago

im not feeling depressed! (for now... /ref)

ashhmillr 📺 12 days ago

ate the rest of burnt (now also dry) cookies while re-watching melody nosurname videos. great time

ashhmillr 🙂 12 days ago

nan just said "you need to step over your fear" and like. so true. but also i wanna cry bcs of my mental state and anxiety

ashhmillr 🏆 12 days ago

got on vc with a friend and we played something and i feel a little better (i also won the second time with the score 4:5)

ashhmillr 🎤 12 days ago

new jash! as ralatable as always

ashhmillr 💻 13 days ago

i feel insane /neg

ashhmillr 🎶 13 days ago

oh i do i beg my legs to take me much father than they were meant to? i want too much, i never listen when my body says it's had enough /lyr

ashhmillr 🙂 13 days ago

cycling sounds kinda fun idk

ashhmillr 😱 13 days ago

i really should not do that maaan i'm felling uhguhughurgh i should sleep

ashhmillr 😛 14 days ago

"normal" is an overstatement actually, i am insane. and not sleeping tonight doesn't help lol

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