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ash 💤 18 days ago

i need to sleep goodnight status cafe >_<

ash 🌧️ 18 days ago

why are humans so cruel & evil. i hate them.

ash 💀 18 days ago

im in my early 20s yet i am so old, fragile & weak as if i was 100 years old. i need to die

ash 💀 18 days ago

got banned from tiktok mid conversation with my friend today LMFAOOO. i didnt even do or post anything bad, tiktok just hates tcc ☠️

ash 😶 18 days ago

im gonna miss lucie but who am i to interfere with someones journey to peace or whatever she may be seeking. :( thinking of her.

ash 👽 18 days ago

i cant wait to experience the void again

ash 💀 18 days ago

i couldnt find if this site has rules so hopefully i dont break any but my thoughts everyday 24/7 is how much i need to die lmfao. ☠️

ash ☀️ 19 days ago

my last summer as a youth