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stuff I do

  • Scripting, making interactive web stuff(PHP,LUA,JavaScript)
  • Programming (BASIC,Pascal)
  • Tattoos
  • Roguelikes

But recently ive been working on phpbbs


asciibene 💻 439 days ago

Making computer thaumaturgy

asciibene 🙂 790 days ago

no opinion tolerated

asciibene ❄️ 796 days ago

Alright people I'm feeling lonely so email me at

asciibene 😴 803 days ago

Bloody Hell I'm tired

asciibene 😱 806 days ago

Learning Php is fun but I don't know what to make

asciibene 😎 823 days ago

Working on an assembler for the ti voyage 200 (m68k)

asciibene ✅ 824 days ago

Playing powder on GBA

asciibene 😴 837 days ago

Escaped sleep for 3 days