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gay little agender man


arsenicteddy 😛 30 days ago

got a job interview on tuesday1

arsenicteddy 🌈 33 days ago

today is my sisters birthday!

arsenicteddy 💤 38 days ago

slept for 12 hours, wish to sleep for more.

arsenicteddy 😶 43 days ago

i'm bored out of my ever-loving mind

arsenicteddy 🎶 45 days ago

Time to listen to the new Depeche Mode song on repeat.

arsenicteddy 🌙 47 days ago

feeling it. feeling many things

arsenicteddy 🙃 48 days ago

honestly dont know how i feel.

arsenicteddy 🧐 55 days ago

conflicted that my parents are looking for a camper for me to move into but literally just bought me a bed and a mattress....waste of money.

arsenicteddy 👽 57 days ago

thinkin' bout that stupid sleazy purple alien

arsenicteddy 🥹 59 days ago

love to get a call back for a job soon...