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arden 😭 3 days ago

emotionally drained lately

arden 😡 18 days ago

Job applications are the worst!!

arden 😭 23 days ago

Had a really long, emotional week and I'm ready for a fresh start!

arden 📖 37 days ago

I can already tell that Book Lovers is going to be my favorite Emily Henry novel, which is a FEAT.

arden 💡 41 days ago

Revisiting an old idea for a novel, but I have completely changed so many components that I feel a renewed sense of attachment to the idea!

arden 🥰 43 days ago

Playing some games on Board Game Arena with my brothers today for family quality time!

arden 🙂 45 days ago

Launching the edits to my site soon! Really happy with all of the progress I was able to make in a day.

arden 🥱 47 days ago

Couldn't sleep this morning so woke up and started redesigning my homepage.