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arcadecarpets 💤 29 days ago

my bento page is telling me to go to sleep but i don't wanna

arcadecarpets 🤒 51 days ago

who up writing silly fic to deal w nerves abt going to the doctor

arcadecarpets 😭 58 days ago

down to cover letters hire me bc i'm cool and friendly

arcadecarpets 📺 75 days ago


arcadecarpets 📖 77 days ago

born to be a baker street irregular helping solve mysteries forced to work a job

arcadecarpets 😭 79 days ago

holy shit i just remembered i'll never get to see sophie play live

arcadecarpets 😴 84 days ago

i am a sports hater above all else

arcadecarpets 🙂 94 days ago

got a wireless keeb to keep using my laptop lmao

arcadecarpets 🙂 95 days ago

last post made it sound like i died but really my laptop keyboard quit working

arcadecarpets 🙂 95 days ago

change da world my final message

arcadecarpets 😶 96 days ago

message to all laptops please survive

arcadecarpets 🙂 98 days ago

why does my hair always look great when i wake up and then awful when i brush it. why do this to me

arcadecarpets 🙂 99 days ago

shoutout to the trans person i met exactly one time who gave me their old chest binder this thing is great

arcadecarpets 🥹 111 days ago

so we got the new porter robinson announcement but i also had a fucking terrible day lmao

arcadecarpets 😶 111 days ago

there's either going to be new porter robinson soon or this is going to be one of the worst days of my life

arcadecarpets 🤖 120 days ago

call this job aperture labs the way they be testing me

arcadecarpets 🙃 125 days ago

anybody need like a lighthouse keeper or a confidence man or something. i'm seeking employment

arcadecarpets 😡 127 days ago

why do i work in the games grid

arcadecarpets 😶 136 days ago

just applied for a new job in a different state and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't scared for some reason

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