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arcadecarpets 🥹 1 day ago

so we got the new porter robinson announcement but i also had a fucking terrible day lmao

arcadecarpets 😶 1 day ago

there's either going to be new porter robinson soon or this is going to be one of the worst days of my life

arcadecarpets 🤖 10 days ago

call this job aperture labs the way they be testing me

arcadecarpets 🙃 15 days ago

anybody need like a lighthouse keeper or a confidence man or something. i'm seeking employment

arcadecarpets 😶 26 days ago

just applied for a new job in a different state and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't scared for some reason

arcadecarpets 🙃 30 days ago

elmo i'm gonna be real i am at my fucking limit

arcadecarpets ❤️ 31 days ago

thank god it's finally heart shaped object month

arcadecarpets 📺 31 days ago

these workplace harassment training films need to go on letterboxd stat so i can riff on em

arcadecarpets 💀 31 days ago

cannot believe i willingly made linkedin..... who am i rn