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aoeu ☕ 128 days ago

I just realized that I have a scarily large amount of tea on my hands.

aoeu 🌙 143 days ago

I'm currently doing nothing!

aoeu ☕ 145 days ago

Drinking an unhealthy amount of tea right now.

aoeu ✨ 147 days ago

I'm finally starting to work on some of my unfinished projects after burning out for a bit.

aoeu 🌙 173 days ago

I've slowly been fixing up my sleep schedule as of lately.

aoeu 💾 177 days ago

I just got back into playing Simcity 2000 again, and I love it.

aoeu 🎶 180 days ago

Listening to some music

aoeu 💾 181 days ago

very tired right now

aoeu 📖 187 days ago

Reading books and whatnot

aoeu ❄️ 188 days ago

Waiting for the new year to start

aoeu ☕ 197 days ago

Consuming milk tea

aoeu 🚄 197 days ago

Playing OpenTTD and chilling.

aoeu ❄️ 199 days ago

Not panicking and instead chilling and working on personal projects.

aoeu 🎶 201 days ago


aoeu ✨ 205 days ago

still on the fence about purchasing a domain and doing cool internet stuff with it

aoeu ❄️ 208 days ago

Hello from netsurf!