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hii! i'm snail <33


angelsnaiils 🌱 28 days ago

i haven't worked on this in AGESS i'm gonna make a snack and hunker down YAY lolol. i super need to update my diy log too

angelsnaiils 🥹 54 days ago

SEMESTER IS DONEEEE LETS GOOOO and im getting a PC soon OMG OMG im gonna download a linux distro (prolly pop os!) shakes like a little dog

angelsnaiils 🌈 145 days ago

i love my classes this semester SO MUCH but i feel like i don't have any time for my website right now ;-; wahh! gna try and work faster ig

angelsnaiils 🥹 163 days ago

looking at cute things truly does keep me going. my life source

angelsnaiils 🌱 166 days ago

first day of winter 2024 semester!! i'm actually SUPER excited for all of my classes... i'm taking an ethical hacking one !??! yippee!!!!

angelsnaiils 🍦 171 days ago

GOT MY DIY + CRAFT LOG UP YAYYY!!!! i'm so excited!! will be posting .......... whenever i want ^3^ i just want somewhere to casually log!

angelsnaiils 🙂 171 days ago

i heart learning html and css from scratch and i also hate it with a passion hope this helps <33

angelsnaiils 🍦 171 days ago

nvm its working now ??? i guess i have a button now, yay!!

angelsnaiils 🙃 171 days ago

i am truly struggling to add copy-able code for my button .. for some reason it won't display all of my text. i'm going to keep trying tho!!

angelsnaiils 🌈 172 days ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hoping to work on my site this week ,, maybe today..! i want to add a couple of the pages i have planned!

angelsnaiils 😭 187 days ago

my FAVORITE coffeeshop downtown, which had the BEST bagels, shut down permanently im SO UPSET!!! and panera ran out of asiago bagels too T-T

angelsnaiils 🌈 194 days ago

FINALS ARE OVER!! <3 i can't wait to work more on this poor website unfortunately learning html and css is going a Little slow ehe ₍ᐢ._.ᐢ₎

angelsnaiils 🥹 194 days ago

I FINALLY FIGURED OUT MY CSS PAGE!!! editing my website just got WAYYY easier WOO!