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angelribs 🙂 6 days ago

its been so long since ive touched my site - or done anything rly creative - due to a pretty intense bout of depression & i miss it sm

angelribs 🥺 113 days ago

clicked thru my site after not having been on it in ages bc Job, & omg... i rly went off w so much of this

angelribs 💤 142 days ago

sooo tired. but i need to do site stuff

angelribs 🎁 156 days ago

the fact that its already christmas eve is so crazy; looking forward to the holiday to do some site stuff :}

angelribs 🙃 163 days ago

busy week... started a new project at work @_@

angelribs ❄️ 174 days ago

it snowed so much omfg...............

angelribs 😂 180 days ago

rest in fucking piss kissinger

angelribs 🎶 180 days ago

top 1% le sserafim listener... closes my eyes

angelribs 🙃 183 days ago

embodying my truest form: a girl bad at replying to texts in a timely fashion

angelribs 🌧️ 190 days ago

played goodbye doggy on itchio and started to cry. i miss my dog

angelribs 💀 193 days ago

me vs forgetting how to do anchor links

angelribs 🤒 198 days ago

i get overwhelmed so easily

angelribs 😶 199 days ago

becoming intensely obsessed w dithering images

angelribs 🥹 200 days ago

top 10 most embarrassing moments: i heard the opening theme for beyblade 2000 and teared up

angelribs 💡 200 days ago

avoiding responsibilities by way of coding

angelribs 🤔 203 days ago

do i get back into shining nikki & force myself to suffer or do i avoid that particular hell. decisions

angelribs 🎨 205 days ago

we should all learn to quilt

angelribs 🎨 208 days ago

i wanna learn how to make anime blends like ppl did back in the 00s, i need a tutorial or sth

angelribs 🤒 209 days ago

amg... me vs the intense sinus migraine i get whenever the weather changes

angelribs 💀 209 days ago

thursday, october 31... (happy halloween everyone!)