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(ãĢ'ω`c) the cutest boy in the world

my name is beomseok and im a cat that loves to drink banana milk and talk to my friends online <3


angelpaws 🌈 12 days ago

happy pride month !!

angelpaws ðŸą 124 days ago

meowww meow meow meow mew meow

angelpaws ðŸĶ 134 days ago

made cookies w my bf :3

angelpaws 🌈 137 days ago

being in love is the greatest feeling ever aaaagh

angelpaws ðŸą 143 days ago

i wanna draw but idk what to make 3;

angelpaws ðŸą 144 days ago

im soo cozy in bed >:3 im buying some candies n i used cherry lotion so i smell rly nice n my skin is soo soft :3

angelpaws ðŸą 146 days ago

im boredddd ė‹Žė‹Ží•˜ë‹đ~~

angelpaws ðŸą 146 days ago

drinking a mango monster at work 😞 meow its a quiet night no customers r coming

angelpaws ðŸą 147 days ago

gm !!! i freaking love my boyfriend !! meow

angelpaws ðŸą 148 days ago

eating takis rn . nom ;3