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hai im beomseok ~~ thanks for checking out my status cafe :3

im a small cat that loves to drink banana milk and talk to my friends online <3


angelpaws 🐱 11 days ago

meowww meow meow meow mew meow

angelpaws 🍦 22 days ago

made cookies w my bf :3

angelpaws ☕️ 25 days ago

waiting for my bf to wake up he is smelly.. my breakfast rn is caramel coffee n spaghetti <3

angelpaws 🐱 31 days ago

i wanna draw but idk what to make 3;

angelpaws 🐱 32 days ago

im soo cozy in bed >:3 im buying some candies n i used cherry lotion so i smell rly nice n my skin is soo soft :3

angelpaws 🐱 34 days ago

im boredddd 심심하당~~

angelpaws 🐱 34 days ago

drinking a mango monster at work 😼 meow its a quiet night no customers r coming

angelpaws 🐱 35 days ago

gm !!! i freaking love my boyfriend !! meow

angelpaws 🐱 35 days ago

idk how to get my status to update automatically on neocities ugh i embedded the code and its showing up on brackets but not on the site </3

angelpaws 🐱 35 days ago

eating takis rn . nom ;3