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anemone 🥺 45 days ago

wish i could play mmorpg without the mms sometimes...

anemone 🤔 74 days ago

i don't understand.

anemone 🥺 79 days ago

i miss my dogs...

anemone 🐱 99 days ago

cats are bigger than i thought...

anemone 😡 100 days ago

ok, i see how it is.

anemone 💔 181 days ago

i don't want to work.

anemone 😯 184 days ago

wah! it logged me out!

anemone 😭 261 days ago

summer is almost over...

anemone 🥺 283 days ago

i keep wasting money on silly things!

anemone 🙃 319 days ago

i'm hungry, but i already brushed my teeth.

anemone 💀 339 days ago

oopps, i forgot

anemone ✨ 361 days ago

i saw a male cardinal bird feed it's mate in my backyard today!

anemone 🤩 366 days ago

great haul from the thrift store today!

anemone 🥺 374 days ago

my head hurts

anemone 🌱 400 days ago

i bought a spider plant. may it have a long life.

anemone 😛 415 days ago

well, going to stay up until i pass out, i guess

anemone ❄️ 425 days ago

it's so cold outside. i can't wait for spring.

anemone 🥱 428 days ago

so sleepy...have an early day tomorrow...

anemone 🎮 431 days ago

i'm playing a lot of video games again.

anemone 📺 466 days ago

i'm going to find a movie to watch.