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hi hello im silly billy >_<


andrew πŸ™‚ 13 days ago

finished all my exams. yippee.... now we have to wait and see how much i fucked up

andrew 🐱 17 days ago

my brain is a fucking mush

andrew 🐢 28 days ago

last day of school tmrrw!!! only 3 exams after that and im free!! for some time////

andrew 🐢 47 days ago

im alive. i think

andrew 🐢 81 days ago

whoopsie sorry i forgot i existed for a moment there!! haha

andrew 🌧️ 95 days ago


andrew πŸ€– 103 days ago

shitting tears what the fuck is up with mandelatech site. wghat😭

andrew πŸ€– 105 days ago

i cant even start to draw. my eyes blur if i look at the canvas too long(more than 20 minutes) //damn lolz

andrew πŸ€– 107 days ago

I am so fuckn tired and eppy/// the vein on ma left wrist hurts what the hell man//

andrew πŸ’€ 149 days ago

i want to delete my tumblr blog but i know i will regret it at some point

andrew πŸ‘½ 169 days ago

happy new year. i wannt to date hot dads again

andrew πŸ™‚ 170 days ago

is it a good idea to download blender when you have zero knowledge on how to do anything in there//

andrew ✨ 192 days ago

gonna catch up Mister Mantiroce stuff since i left it off. long ago, wish me luuck

andrew 🌧️ 205 days ago

if i update the website and it wont work i will be sooo sad

andrew πŸ€– 212 days ago


andrew 🐱 213 days ago


andrew 🐱 223 days ago

possibly go on a hiatus on neocities 2// idk if it makes anything better or worse honestly, just feel not so good.

andrew πŸ€– 229 days ago

idk what to do really, in general

andrew 🎬 244 days ago


andrew 🀩 251 days ago

feeling like getting sick AND on my period. ooooh i looove autumn

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