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hi there! my name is andou/jay!

i'm a full time freelance artist and streamer!

i use any pronouns, and my gender is whateverrrrrrrr!

i'm 29 years old and i can't wait to be 30. being old is great.


andou 🎮 25 minutes ago

time to play more baldur's gate 3...

andou ✨ 4 days ago

made a splash page for my oekaki board, recorded my first song cover, started working on the MV for it, went grocery shopping! PRODUCTIVE!

andou 🎮 8 days ago

i am so baldur's gate pilled

andou 🎶 12 days ago


andou 😶 20 days ago

i think i made it up in my head that nobody likes me when actually everyone likes me lol

andou 😡 20 days ago

struggled a little with drawing tonight - GRRRRRRRRRR I WANT TO GET BETTER!!!!!!!!

andou 🎤 24 days ago

practiced singing tonight and my throat hurts a little... making some tea!

andou 💀 25 days ago

do you ever want to just destroy stuff and say "fuck it" to the consequences. i want to delete some of my social media GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR

andou 😶 26 days ago

going on a manga and visual novel bender. at least i'm enjoying myself... was finding it hard to take breaks before...

andou 😱 27 days ago


andou 🤒 28 days ago

dealing with a cold... but on the upside i think i might beat killer7 today. i haven't been able to put it down!

andou 💤 30 days ago

i'm proud of how far i've come. after streaming today, i feel a lot better. good night. i love you guys

andou 🎮 31 days ago

just beat mgr... which means it's time for a new game. i'm done being a fake suda51 fan: i'm playing killer7!

andou 🎮 32 days ago

playing metal gear revengeance today to chill out. this game rules lol

andou 🙃 33 days ago

just had the worst possible weekend at this convention!

andou 💤 35 days ago

so tired after the con... taking a LONG bath then going the FUCK to bed

andou 🥱 35 days ago

SO BORED!!! tabling at the world's slowest anime convention!

andou 📺 37 days ago

relaxing stream tonight before i have to do an anime con this weekend...

andou 😱 38 days ago

today went by WAY too fast!!

andou 💀 40 days ago

just beat saya no uta

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