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amperscape 🎨 22 days ago

After a whole day of shopping, I can finally clean my desk and practice art.

amperscape 💤 25 days ago

DnD is always fun, but i also enjoy coming home and relaxing.

amperscape 🎲 26 days ago

Thursday, folks. Thursday is DnD day. LESSSGOOOOO

amperscape 🌧️ 28 days ago

Feeling a bit gloomy, but nothing a little drawing can't fix.

amperscape 🎨 28 days ago

Long day. Hope i can get some art done.

amperscape 📖 29 days ago

Thinking about reading The War of The Worlds... Project Gutenberg to the rescue

amperscape 💾 29 days ago

Finally got one of these. Can't wait to use it in the future.