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amivicky ❤️ 42 days ago

i added a button to the links page! if you like my site please link me and let me know so i can link you back! (⌒▽⌒)☆

amivicky 🤖 46 days ago

working on turning the blog into an rss feed - bear with me please!

amivicky 🐶 48 days ago

It's Shiro's birthday! Happy 8th birthday my beautiful boy <3

amivicky 🙂 51 days ago

hi everyone! i'm still here, hoping to update the site soon <3

amivicky 🐱 78 days ago

hey friends - not actually scraping it, just reinventing it. you'll like what's coming!

amivicky 🥹 84 days ago

thinking about scrapping my entire site and starting over if i'm being honest

amivicky 💻 85 days ago

first status! hooray!