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alyxia ❄️ 8 days ago


alyxia ✨ 64 days ago

my heart feels kinda funky.

alyxia ❄️ 69 days ago

currently inflicting myself with artificial unhappiness, and it's working.

alyxia 🙂 70 days ago

currently marshing

alyxia 😴 82 days ago

currently abusing painkillers

alyxia ✨ 115 days ago

life is but a path to death, but not today

alyxia 😶 117 days ago

man i really just can't get anything done today huh

alyxia ☕️ 118 days ago

coffee'ing rn

alyxia 😶 127 days ago

vivid/stasis is a pretty cool game

alyxia 🌙 129 days ago


alyxia 😭 132 days ago

great, sinusitis and a throbbing headache

alyxia 😭 134 days ago

can i just stop being sick please

alyxia 💤 136 days ago

eepy. absolutely eepying. sleeper. that's me.

alyxia 👀 136 days ago

new website who dis?