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algolian 🌙 26 days ago

lazy webmaster habits kick in once again

algolian 🌙 40 days ago

next I need to make another blog post for the month

algolian 🌙 41 days ago

finally updated my dolls page. I am such a lazy webmaster

algolian 🌙 50 days ago

in a shocking turn of events I have blogged. and also finally pruned all my webrings

algolian 🌙 54 days ago

will I ever blog again? more at 10

algolian 🌙 69 days ago

will hopefully be adding a new doll to the dolls page soon

algolian 🌙 70 days ago

juniper is coming today!!!

algolian 🌙 77 days ago

I get so impatient waiting on mail

algolian 🌙 87 days ago

number 19 mouse in baked beans

algolian 🌙 93 days ago

so many packages coming on tuesday

algolian 🌙 96 days ago

google sucks always

algolian 🌙 97 days ago

I hate being sick

algolian 🌙 100 days ago

work sucks but at least we're at our favorite spot today

algolian 🌙 104 days ago

I do not think therefore I not am

algolian 🌙 106 days ago

I'm in so much pain

algolian 🌙 110 days ago

working 10 hour days isn't as bad as we thought it would be so far

algolian 🌙 113 days ago

finally the weekend

algolian 🌙 114 days ago

wearing bright crystal today:D

algolian 🌙 119 days ago


algolian 🌙 120 days ago

driving hoooome

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