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hi im alex/parozi my pronouns are she/they im a real lesbian moth


alexparozi 😭 4 days ago

just got done with my college entrace exams god im EXHAUSTED 7 hours of drawing and painting in 32 celsius heat kms

alexparozi ❤️ 8 days ago

kids section shirts make my waist look so good actually i thrifted like 2 accidentally and theyre bomb

alexparozi 💔 9 days ago

good news i found the cause of my meltdowns bad news its incredibly stupid how are we feeling chat

alexparozi 🌙 14 days ago

at the end of the day im completely alone, you could tell me you like me but i know im no ones favourite and i just want closure

alexparozi 💤 19 days ago

mental health is so hard bro im exhausted

alexparozi 💻 22 days ago

i looove checking my email but then its empty and im like ): !!!!!!!! anyways i love horny lesbians

alexparozi 🔥 23 days ago

i have a spending problem but i restrained myself today (i have 50 cents in my bank account) (i didnt restrain shit)

alexparozi 😭 24 days ago

im gonna lose it bruh my code is sobbijng