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aleeniers 🙂 9 hours ago

in school eating salad

aleeniers 🙂 23 hours ago

thats all the coding for today night fangz 4 being kool

aleeniers 🙂 1 day ago

sick as FUCK but finished an essay

aleeniers 🙂 21 days ago

probs bombed a math test

aleeniers 🙂 23 days ago

listening to music!!!

aleeniers 🙂 27 days ago

had a coffee and got a new sweater i am very warm + done all my work !!

aleeniers 🙂 29 days ago

got a crappy seating plan

aleeniers 🙂 32 days ago

got an msi vinyl its like 1 of 2500 copies

aleeniers 🙂 35 days ago

watching penguinz0

aleeniers 🙂 35 days ago

adding graphics to my site then going 2 sleep

aleeniers 🙂 36 days ago

saw a cool record store lady

aleeniers 🙂 37 days ago

listening to the black parade in my black parade shirt waiting for spacehey to be back up

aleeniers 🙂 38 days ago

back online after 3 days sorry!!!

aleeniers 🙂 42 days ago

probably just bombed a test xd

aleeniers 🙂 43 days ago

missing old queer culture

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