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sites down currently but hai im albo


albo 💀 430 days ago

Nothin like a small headache to immediately put me into "I am going to explode and perish" brain

albo 🥹 457 days ago

iced animal crackers

albo 🧐 457 days ago

listening to a review about the nsync phone computer game from 2001 lmao

albo ✏️ 458 days ago

have so much to doooo

albo 😭 459 days ago

i wanna sleepy so bad ‼️‼️‼️

albo 😯 461 days ago

tried to pop a creme saver into my mouth but it stuck to the wrapper so i just shoved the whole thing in with full ass confidence

albo 🥱 461 days ago

geology is cool. however! my brain is one inch in diameter and i am extremely sleepy. none of this shits staying in my brain

albo 🌈 463 days ago

hii status cafe!!! first post :3 hope you are all well, passerbys