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akpa 😎 211 days ago

me @ my siblings who actually have to do things

akpa 🥺 279 days ago

one more to go!!

akpa 🎶 292 days ago

na na na na na na na na na na na na na!

akpa ☕ 293 days ago

chances are that i can pull this off if i try hard enough

akpa 👀 294 days ago

maths went not-so-well

akpa 💀 295 days ago

it's that time of week again, except this time i do *not* feel prepared oopsie

akpa 🔥 299 days ago

holy shit this is not going well

akpa 😶 301 days ago

what do you do with the 20 minutes before you leave? it's not enough to get stuck into something...

akpa 🥺 304 days ago

break over, now back to it

akpa ✏️ 305 days ago

obsessing over a wooden box (current DIY project)

akpa 🥳 307 days ago

exam season could have started a helluva lot worse

akpa 🔥 307 days ago

t-3 hours!!

akpa 😱 307 days ago

uni choices submitted

akpa 😶 308 days ago

oh crap it really is now or never

akpa 😎 308 days ago

it's now or never

akpa 😭 308 days ago

procrastination is me

akpa 💾 309 days ago

working with gemini://

akpa 📖 309 days ago

researching zines in bed at 11pm

akpa 😭 310 days ago

t-3 days until exams start