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21, she. i love my cat.


akira ☀️ 19 days ago

trying to get through surodame to understand the depths of the minds of fujieda fans. it is a lot

akira ☀️ 72 days ago

i think im back in my ffxiv era

akira ☀️ 86 days ago

i wanna get back to ffxiv so bad..

akira 🌙 88 days ago

as the ancient greeks used to say. sobota dzien kota

akira ☀️ 90 days ago

can you believe this. 7 days until cherimaho 14

akira 🌙 94 days ago

man i sure love it when im forced to update my phone software or else i will be plagued by nightmares

akira ☀️ 95 days ago

cherimaho vol14 in 12 days!

akira 🌈 97 days ago

i wonder if i actually looked for gl thats just like your average shoujo romance, if id find what im looking for

akira 💻 144 days ago

finally feel like playing ffxiv again..... but my subscription ran out......ouggghhhh the plague

akira 💀 182 days ago

every year has the moment where i replay skyrim for the n-th time. january :thumbs_up:

akira 🍾 223 days ago

who up running away from responsibilities

akira ✈️ 227 days ago

updating from my ages-old kindle. thought i gotta share. how cool is that

akira 💻 234 days ago

ive got to finally pick up chn or else ill explode

akira 🤒 238 days ago

no more reading. ffxiv roulettes await me

akira 💀 243 days ago

surely this time ill actually get to revamping/remaking my neocities. <- clueless

akira 💤 260 days ago

on my way to do the 6th praetorium this week in ffxiv. i sure love to suffer

akira 💤 346 days ago

so busy lately.. finally getting a week off next week.. hehe..

akira 🔥 376 days ago

done with the exams!!!! ill try to make a new index.html for neocities :-)

akira 🌙 378 days ago

hoping to properly work on my neocities after i finish my exams@!!!

akira 🌈 379 days ago

got a cold drink yippeee!!!!

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