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dozia, 19↑ fox/them.
i like women, pepsi max, #yaoi, kuro kiryu from hit game ensemble stars, cool license plates and cats.


akira 💤 50 days ago

so busy lately.. finally getting a week off next week.. hehe..

akira 🔥 80 days ago

done with the exams!!!! ill try to make a new index.html for neocities :-)

akira 🌙 83 days ago

hoping to properly work on my neocities after i finish my exams@!!!

akira 🌈 84 days ago

got a cold drink yippeee!!!!

akira 🌧️ 85 days ago

should start studying for an exam but the motivation is nonexistent

akira ✨ 86 days ago

officially done with canto 4! :~)

akira 🔥 86 days ago

hoping this is the last battle of canto 4!!!! its so tiring

akira 🍾 87 days ago

welt crumbs in hsr...... eheheh *trips and falls*

akira 🌈 87 days ago

finished leveling r corp heath!!!!

akira 🤒 88 days ago

having the worst headache in days...

akira 💻 89 days ago

trying to get to finishing lbc canto 4 today