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akihiko ☀️ 1 day ago

"After weeks of watching the roof leak / I fixed it tonight / by moving a single board", or: overcame the fear of using sqlite in my project

akihiko 📺 63 days ago

just finished watching Wolf's Rain, the same day my parents sent me a photo of a blooming Queen of the Night in their garden.

akihiko 📚 655 days ago

reading Zen mind, Beginner's mind after a day biking

akihiko 📺 697 days ago

rewatched blade runner 2049, listening to radiohead. feeling alive.

akihiko 📖 733 days ago

updated my daily note template heading to remind myself of where I sit in time: > 🧭 Sol day 169 of the 12,022 Holocene calendar

akihiko 💾 752 days ago

my roomie had recommended VA-11 HALL-A to me long ago, and this moody sunday evening was the perfect time to start playing it.