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I am a writer, editor, coder and a creative human being. I love music, movies and books. I wrote stories, blogs, poetry, scripts, create memes, doodle and make food. I believe we have only life and need to explore all we can do, rather than just following a single occupation throughout life.


akgb 😇 4 days ago

I started a new job as a Project Manager at a leading publishing house on 23rd Feb 2024, am feeling excited about it.

akgb 🥳 11 days ago

At last, I woke up today early for my driving class and I was able to have a better steering balance and speed control.

akgb 😭 11 days ago

Such a hectic day at work. Had to complete a review of a whole chapter, and hurray I did it, but I have a bad headache now.

akgb 😇 12 days ago

Some things never change like the time sun rises and the sun sets. Some things always change like the time I wake up and I sleep.

akgb 🙃 13 days ago

Good morning! It's a Monday again and I need to restart working for this week. The work has started to bore me.

akgb 🧐 13 days ago

This world is full of events that are an advantage to few and an adventure to others.

akgb 🙂 13 days ago

I just finished watching Kingdom 3 by Shinsuke Sato. What a movie!! It's too great to explain.

akgb 👀 14 days ago

I just created a microblog page for my blog. I feel it's a pretty cool thing.

akgb ☀️ 14 days ago

Good Morning folks!

akgb 🙂 14 days ago

I just had "ice-cream" soda, a special soda found and originated in Kochi, India

akgb 🥳 89 days ago

I am planning to a start a newsletter.

akgb 🙂 90 days ago

I am back, after a long time. Its time to get active.

akgb 🤖 99 days ago

What a day!! It started with happiness, then sadness, anger, helplessness, and at last a ray of hope. I wish I was a ROBOT.

akgb 💤 100 days ago

Its time to sleep. Done with todays task and work.

akgb 😎 100 days ago

I just found that Google Docs be used to make cool websites. It has an option to download HTML.

akgb 🙂 100 days ago

Trying to find peace through my writings.

akgb 🙂 101 days ago

Interestingly I found a way to make your HTML code look beautiful.

akgb 🤩 101 days ago

Finally, i have completed the My first book editing. Just waiting for final approval from the editorial director. Then it's going live 😎😎

akgb 🙂 101 days ago

I are good food today. Today love the experience of having good food and lying on the diwan bed watching TV.

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