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akgb 😎 15 days ago

I have reached the milestone of 3k+ views on my blog.

akgb 😭 20 days ago

6th month of the year has started. I feel I had my New Year party yesterday.

akgb 😎 21 days ago

I have updated my website completely. This time I am doing something experimental with a single long scroll-based webpage.

akgb 🌧️ 27 days ago

Non-stop rain for the last 4 days and the water has been logging on the roads and all canals are full. Hot days are over and rains are in.

akgb 🚄 27 days ago

Got stuck between work and family for a long time. All weekdays were filled with work and weekends had family travels and events.

akgb 😇 65 days ago

I am kind of chill today, but lot of work to complete. I am planning to finish my tasks so that I can have fun on weekends.

akgb ☀️ 67 days ago

It is Monday again. My dad, my wife, and I are back to work; as usual, the weather is hot.

akgb 😇 69 days ago

I had a great time today watching the movie "*Varshangalku Shesham*" with my wife. The movie tells the story of two friends in a cinema.

akgb 🙂 71 days ago

I am learning advanced CSS so that I can beautify the status.cafe profile. Seems like a easy cake walk: just kidding!!

akgb 👽 71 days ago

Are the aliens real? What if they were the size of bacteria and looked like fungi, or may be a plant?

akgb 🔥 71 days ago

It's getting hotter day by day. I get drowsy just because of the heat. There is a deep realization in me that climate change is happening.

akgb 🙃 74 days ago

Monday again, back to work!!. Got late today, as me and my wife had to do the chores of the day; so rushed at 80kmph on scooter.

akgb 😂 76 days ago

It's funny that I had a sudden realization: in recent years I have changed my career aspirations more often than I changed my underwear.

akgb ✏️ 76 days ago

If you have a natural sense of doing stuff and enjoy doing it, without getting bored or tired. Then thats your PASSION.

akgb 🙂 76 days ago

The days are getting filled with boredom. Literally though, as there exist a day job, its kind of getting monotonous.

akgb 🙂 76 days ago

I woke up early today to work on the Excel. Breakfast was not as good, so had to hurry with an empty stomach to drop my wife off.

akgb 🤖 77 days ago

A recruiter asked me what my hobbies are. I said that my hobbies are writing status and creating HTML pages to present them.😂

akgb 🤩 77 days ago

I am not sure why Threads app is so shitty.

akgb 🧐 77 days ago

I am planning to learn Technical Analysis and gonna start to stock trade. I enrolled to one of the Udemy courses. I wish I make some money.

akgb 🙂 77 days ago

The co-working space is really awesome and there are 5 other people in my room. Though its a non-AC room, its not that hot like outside.

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