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ajthemelon 🥹 211 days ago

The spy kids movies are free on yt rnn! Im so happeee

ajthemelon 🙂 218 days ago

Had too much caffeine today ;w;

ajthemelon 🤩 226 days ago

Finally ditched my smartphone!!! (。・∀・)ノ゙

ajthemelon 🙂 229 days ago

I finally ordered my dumbphone! I have no idea what will await me, but that's what i what i bought it for. hahehuho.......(。_。)

ajthemelon 📺 229 days ago

Watching kitchen nightmares ___*(  ̄皿 ̄)/#____

ajthemelon 🙂 230 days ago

(ï¿£oï¿£) . z Z

ajthemelon 😭 234 days ago

New Windows glitch is driving me insAAAAAAAANE!!!I JUST WANNA USE FRAPS!!

ajthemelon 🤒 235 days ago

Cant stop thinking about the awful thoughts...

ajthemelon 🙂 236 days ago

I'm just feeling so... mew mew meew :3

ajthemelon 😭 236 days ago

I need to start doing things instead of trying to excessively plan them out. (。﹏。*)