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Hey there. I'm Ainna, and I own minty.NU. This page acts as a site microlog of sorts.

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ainnadesu ✨ 55 days ago

Happy birthday, Hobi!! Launched in time for j-hope's birthdayβ€”my MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 fanlisting~

ainnadesu ✨ 100 days ago

Presenting: EVENTUALLY, the Twilight/Thorn Princess (Loid and Yor Forger) Fanlisting~ http://twiyor.tenoh.orgπŸ•΅οΈπŸΌ

ainnadesu ✨ 105 days ago

πŸŽ‚ It's my boi's birthday today! I added a welcome note (and a reminder to stream) to his fanlisting: #HAPPYVDAY2023

ainnadesu ✨ 119 days ago

Not quite the layout I envisioned for my OTP, but I'm happy with it for now. More content is coming! πŸ’›

ainnadesu ✨ 139 days ago

πŸͺ Couldn't resist the Namecheap Black Friday Domain Sale, so: May I present my animanga collective,!

ainnadesu ✨ 146 days ago

πŸ’• My domain collective has just gotten a makeover~ There's an tiny "about" page, too, if you know where to click ;)

ainnadesu ✨ 150 days ago

Presenting the newest member of The Evergreen Network: This will be my hub for all Bangtan-related content! πŸ’œ

ainnadesu ✨ 153 days ago

I just bought for about $1 from Namecheap's saleβ€”even though I have no idea what I'm going to do with itπŸ™ˆ

ainnadesu ✨ 166 days ago

🌟 I made a matching Jimin layout for my "about me" page~ Launching it in time before JIMtober ends:

ainnadesu ✨ 181 days ago

πŸƒ New layout for my listings collective! The design is in honor of BTS Jimin's birthday last Friday (Oct. 13):

ainnadesu ✨ 210 days ago

🌿 A fresh and minimalist look for EPHEMERAL, my directory for fanlisting collectives! Join if you own one~

ainnadesu ✨ 214 days ago

πŸ’œ New layout for SINGULARITY after 3 years! In honor of Taehyung (BTS V)'s "LAYO(V)ER," his 1st solo album:

ainnadesu ✨ 232 days ago

πŸ“ The Jake/Amy FL got a new layout after four years πŸ˜… TOIT NUPS: The Peraltiago Fanlisting

ainnadesu ✨ 244 days ago

πŸ’« Belated happy 5th anniversary to THE ONE THING, my Tony/Pepper (Pepperony) FL! A new layout is up to celebrate~