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i just make a bunch of stuff

i also play a lot of games such as:

  • portal
  • terraria
  • tf2
  • tetrio
  • you can learn more on my website :3


    aiden20121 🤩 1 day ago

    portal 2 in vr is very fun.. and disorienting

    aiden20121 😛 3 days ago

    i just got boba again #irresistible

    aiden20121 🙂 4 days ago

    i might make a program that allows me to make blogs for my site easily, unfortunately my brain is smooth

    aiden20121 😡 6 days ago

    there is a fly in my room

    aiden20121 🤒 7 days ago

    i need to stop drinking boba i feel sick

    aiden20121 😭 7 days ago

    i made my website more phone compatible. my phone is too high resolution for it to be visible.

    aiden20121 😡 8 days ago

    i feel like i should redo my website but idk howwww

    aiden20121 🙃 10 days ago

    i just got back from vacation my skin is peeling

    aiden20121 🤩 16 days ago

    punta cana is beautiful

    aiden20121 🥱 17 days ago

    I hate waiting at the airport

    aiden20121 💤 17 days ago

    it is 3 am. i am supposed to be awake at 6 for the airport. i cannot sleep

    aiden20121 😭 19 days ago

    ughhhh i really want to make my website look like windows xp but it's too much workkkkk

    aiden20121 🙂 20 days ago

    i got a pc now i don't have to suffer with integrated graphics on my laptop..

    aiden20121 😎 21 days ago

    the fear street movies are so good i have rewatched the whole thing about 20-40 times

    aiden20121 🍞 22 days ago

    i forgot how good pancakes were :')

    aiden20121 🌧️ 24 days ago

    it's nice out for 30 mins and then it turns into a severe thunderstorm (this has happened for 3 days in a row)

    aiden20121 😛 38 days ago

    I just redid my website thats nice

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