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aezrael 🤖 26 days ago

i think emails are the devil actually

aezrael 💾 48 days ago

working on a new layout for the site :]

aezrael 🔥 67 days ago

just one more exam and this semester is over!!!!!

aezrael 🔥 80 days ago

once i get through this semester its over for you all

aezrael 💻 98 days ago

uni keeps me coding 24/7.. let me sleep!!

aezrael 🙃 128 days ago

solving git merge conflicts is making me go insane

aezrael 💀 133 days ago

trying to stop myself from hyperfixating on the magnus archives again

aezrael ❄️ 140 days ago

it's snowing!

aezrael 💀 152 days ago

i'm not taking a break nevermind!!

aezrael 🌙 161 days ago

taking a break!

aezrael 💻 192 days ago

my 3d modeling class is actually going to be really fun :D

aezrael 💻 195 days ago

classes start tomorrow :((

aezrael 🤐 207 days ago

totally not stressed about everything

aezrael 👀 210 days ago

my website might be getting a big update pretty soon!