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aerihii ❤️ 1 day ago

love my gf

aerihii 🎮 2 days ago

went out with friends

aerihii 🍔 8 days ago

food yummy

aerihii 😭 12 days ago

video editing such a pain

aerihii ❤️ 18 days ago

danced w the gf

aerihii 😭 21 days ago

learning typology is stupidly fun

aerihii 😎 28 days ago

its march !

aerihii 💀 35 days ago

i need to organize my thoughts better tbh

aerihii 😭 38 days ago

self-appointed break soon AHH!!!

aerihii ❤️ 43 days ago

HAPPY VALENTINES! got exams tomorrow though :( maybe after that then i can go back to resting

aerihii 🥰 45 days ago

the 1975 is good

aerihii 💔 48 days ago

my past coding projects have all been for every reason except personal. please let me work on my site ....

aerihii 😭 53 days ago

so busy ...

aerihii 🌈 60 days ago

went to a fair with friends yesterday!

aerihii 🥰 63 days ago

currently reworking my artstyle. going pretty well!

aerihii ❤️ 70 days ago

i love u teru minamoto

aerihii 😭 73 days ago

started going on ponytown again

aerihii 😭 77 days ago

its funny how my entire class just collectively decided to do a big project one day before the deadline

aerihii 😭 81 days ago


aerihii 🌧️ 81 days ago

will try to get some work done on the site

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