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aelphaba 😴 718 days ago

slowly building myself back up after a few months of being tired and burnt out

aelphaba 💾 740 days ago

I'm on arch now btw :3c (this is apparently obligatory?)

aelphaba 🎨 750 days ago

manic gremlin creative state

aelphaba 🌧️ 763 days ago

going on an adventure, can't wait to see what beauty the world has to offer today

aelphaba 🎨 765 days ago

finally have the time to work on some personal projects. time to hunker down and get cozy

aelphaba 😴 769 days ago

finally got some decent rest, today's a self care day babey

aelphaba 😴 778 days ago

please universe, let me get through this week

aelphaba 💾 785 days ago

linux is incredible, I'm never going back to windows ever again

aelphaba 📺 791 days ago

really enjoying replaying all the old favourites on PS2

aelphaba 📖 793 days ago

starting a daily micro journal today, feeling pretty good about it so far!

aelphaba 😴 794 days ago

once I crawl into the blankets it's cozy time and nothing can stop me

aelphaba 🥺 800 days ago

not much to say today, just sad

aelphaba ✨ 802 days ago

in dreams we often find what we're looking for: warm days, fresh air, and beautiful moments...fleeting.

aelphaba 🌙 806 days ago

sorry I can't answer the phone right now, I was recently excavated from a peat bog

aelphaba 🌧️ 812 days ago

love the sound of rainy days, perfect day for creating & apple cider

aelphaba ✨ 815 days ago

taking the day to rest and take care of myself

aelphaba 😴 818 days ago

Been so busy lately, just want some sleep